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grants for companies

bat man started this conversation

 I work for a company of about 300 employees, and wanted to know where to find grants to be used for alternative energy, we currently use about 100 dollars per hour and need to reduce this as much as possible. Thank you. 

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starting again

How do you start your grant search without being dissppointed by rejections? I understand that you need to put time in any possible venture in order for success, but sometimes it becomes discouraging and you want to give up. How do you focus and accomplish your goals?

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There is more than one government grant program for this! Energy conservation and using alternative energy sources is something that is a very popular concern of the government and you can check their website for grant programs that are open and available now. There are also some grant programs that are available from organizations that you can also apply for but the government grant programs offer the most in monies. PS - You should also look into other programs for your business. There are grant programs to help train your employees as well. One woman used this government grant program to train her employees at her marketing firm!

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